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The Teach the Need Research Symposium

The Teach the Need Research Symposium is an inviting forum for the dessination and presentation of papers by aspiring student researchers who have a particular interest in the practice and advocacy of universal education. For symposium purposes, education research is defined broadly, and may encompass the fields of educational psychology, sociology, economics, public policy, and more, so long as research pertains to the expansion of knowledge.

We invite any individuals interested to make a presentation and lead discussions on a niche aspect of education, or to participate as a non-presenting observer. We ask that participants' disquisition should adhere to an abstract of 350 words.

We host semi-annual research symposiums:

19 December 2022 Symposium

Abstraction Submission: 31 October


9 June 2023 Symposium

Abstract Submission: 20 May

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