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The Benefits of Becoming a Tutor

  • Opportunity to develop valuable skills in collaboration, service, leadership, and more.

  • Eligible to earn high-school volunteer hours for your tutoring.

  • Accommodating and flexible tutoring scheduling.

  • Location independent - you are able to tutor anywhere in the world

  • Tutoring someone else is often times the best way for yourself to understand the topic. 

  • Hours are very flexible and we understand that many of our tutors are students themselves. We ensure that we remain accommodating during common exam periods and tutors have strong say in their hours

  • Tutoring can be very intellectually fulfilling, as the tutor can review the material as they teach it. It also allows the tutor to remain highly knowledgeable in the area that they tutor. Read more about special education.

  • Many people find tutoring to be a highly rewarding experience! It is a great environment to develop interpersonal and communication skills

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Join our awesome group of dedicated tutors!

Volunteer Sign Up Form

Come Join the Teach the Need Team! Executive applications are accepted from August-September and December-January. Volunteer positions are open year-round and we encourage everyone to apply! Just fill out the form below and we will email the application documents. We ask that if you are applying to be a tutor, a time commitment of 2 hours/week is expected.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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