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How does a tutoring session begin?

The tutor will have access to the student's email, and will provide a weekly/bi-weekly tutoring time based on tutee's submitted availability times. Sessions will take place over Zoom or Microsft Teams based on student's preference, and tutors will have the option to share their screens and give lectures via their drawing pad, touchpad, or OneNote.

What occurs during each tutoring session

Once a student has been paired with a tutor based off of the form that the student submits, the session will either last 30 minutes to 60 minutes (based on student's choice) at the same time every week/2 weeks via the same Zoom/Teams link.

What if I can't make a tutoring session?

Especially during the pandemic, we understand that unexpected events may occur that conflict with the scheduled tutoring time. If a student is unable to make the session, we request for a 24 hour notice so that the tutor can assist another student. Due to limited resources, if a student does not attend 3 sessions with their tutor in a row, they will be removed from the tutee list but are still able to join the weekly drop-in sessions from our Slack/Facebook group. 

Should I join the Facebook or Slack group for homework help?

We currently support both platforms, and links to zoom sessions will be posted to both. 

What can my assigned tutor help me on?

Your assigned tutor can aid you in homework, solidifying concepts, explaining what you did wrong on tests, and provide practice problems. Our tutors are not able to give you answers to assignments or tests.

Do I need to be assigned to a tutor in order to access the career webinars?

You can sign up for the career webinars here. They are free to access and you do not need to currently be tutored by Teach The Need in order to access these resources.

What do I need for each session?

We ask that all students have a stable internet, and a device that includes a microphone and a sound system (speakers/headphones) that allows video-calling. A webcam is preferred but not required. We understand that not all students have consistent access to a computer, and other devices such as a cell phone, tablet, or a public library computer are also accepted. In most cases, the student will need to download Zoom or Microsoft Team. Students using a public library computer may use Google Hangouts. 

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